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We offer a wide range of insurance options including health, accident, critical illness and life.

Why is Insurance

Unexpected illnesses, accidents or the passing of a loved one are realities of life that no one can escape from. Insurance coverage allows you to have a contingency plan in case tragedies like these occur. 

At Armstrong Insurance Advisors, we provide security for people and their families, their businesses, their property and their future economic growth. Give us a call!

Insurance plan for groups and individuals

Other Services

Other services: We offer services that other insurers do not have in their portfolio. Dental Short Term Health Insurance Gap


Critical Illness Policy.

Our policy allows you to protect yourself and your family with life and critical illness coverage.


Life Insurance

We make sure you have coverage that protects you and your loved ones in the event of a loss



Health insurance for people over 65 dedicated to covering a large part of your medical care.


Accident Policies

We provide coverage against accidental injuries including fractures, trauma, lacerations, and second and third degree burns.


Health Insurance

Good health coverage allows you to get general check-ups, see specialists, and get treatment at reasonable prices.


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A Leading Insurance Provider

Armstrong Insurance Advisors has more than 8 years of experience in the insurance sector and is recognized as one of the leading insurance advisors in the region.

We can guide you through a wide range of insurance coverage options


Mortgage protection

Senior health insurance programs



Group health for employees

Long term care


Individual and family

"A comprehensive list of insurance solutions"

Why Choose Us??

We are Insurance Brokers. What that means is that we DO NOT work for one insurance company. We work for YOU. We will work diligently to find the right plan for your needs and budget from a wide selection of the highest rated companies. After placing your policies, we will continue to offer you first class customer service. You will feel like family

Don’t you know what it needs? Discover with us a world of possibilities to protect your loved ones